Game Development


GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is a gory, violent fighting game filled with exaggerated humour.
I've participated in Porting for Xbox One and PS4.

Release date : TBA


An educational Game for Android and iOS that teaches about recycling in a playful way.
I was responsable for major part of development and procedural maps

Jogo do Bafo : Oswaldo

Inspired in an episode of the cartoon "Oswaldo", it's a arcade card game for mobile made by Flux Games and Birdo Studios.

I've participated in analysis and performance tests.

Hospital do Câncer de Barretos : Crianças Como Parceiras

Games and digital activities for kids to learn diverse subjects about health care and home security. Developed for web using Construct 2 as engine.

Cidade em Jogo

Award Winning game at BIG Festival, I was responsable by the maintenance of game server, database and Analytics.

Other Projects

Click on the image to have access to other developed games, Game Jams, prototypes and participations.

Web Development

Murano Design

Website developed for Murano Design company. Used HTML5, CSS3, SASS and JQuery for development.

Instituto Unibanco : Jovem de futuro

Participation with Murano Design on a module for Online Classes in Moodle Platform.
Made in HTML5.

Safira Energia

Participation with Tinpix at the Safira Energia company website development
Made in HTML5, Jade/Pug, Compass and coffeescript.

Ekko Group

Participation with Giro360 on the Ekko Group company website development.
Made in PHP and Wordpress.

Agência Giro360

Total development of Giro 360 company website.
Made in PHP.

O Amarelinho

Participation in the O Amarelinho website development.
Made in HTML5, Jade/Pug, Compass and coffeescript.

Points to Pixels

Points to Pixels converter, By the difficulty to find this conversion, this website was developed as solution.


Script the scalates every webpage, was used for learning applications, web activities and websites. Also accepted in Moodle Platform classes.

Other Projects


An Entertainment Podcast to promote alternative, national and recommended bands and music.
Partners : Clayton "Hykez" Biscalchini, Luis "Ingrion" Gustavo


Game Design blog from an acadêmic and indie point of view.
Partners : Diego Garcia

Guaxinim Games

Co-Founder of the Digital Game Company "Guaxinim Games", focused on Entertainment.
Partners : Diego Lopes